When thinking about minor repairs or construction projects, many homeowners typically think of the arrival of spring as an ideal time to complete the work. However, homeowners could actually benefit from the increased availability of local handymen as well as lower fees by starting projects during the winter “off-season.”

A handyman is typically a craftsman skilled in a wide range of trade disciplines. Many people choose to hire a handyman over a general contractor for smaller home improvement projects because they usually charge by the hour and do not hire out subcontractors.

Consider hiring a handyman this winter to help with the following projects:

Weatherization. Repair drafty doors or windows, and add weather stripping. High utility bills are a sure sign that winter is at your doorstep. Your local handyman can mend broken doors and windows, and apply weather stripping all around the house. You’ll regain the dollars spent in no time as your energy bills decrease..

Painting. Changing the color is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to give a room a complete new look. Go with bright colors if you want to wash away the winter gloom.

TV Wall Mounting. Enjoy football season parties, gain floor space for indoor time with family & friends as well as baby proofing a room by mounting your TV to the wall where it’s out of reach for the little ones

Light fixtures and fans. Another inexpensive update is to bring in new light fixtures or install ceiling fans.  Ceiling fans can be reversed during the winter to help push warm air down, keeping your house warm. You may also want to have a timer or WiFi controlled switch installed for that added feeling of security for when you’re away during the holidays or vacation.

Kitchen renovations. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can simply add new hardware to your cabinets or go as far as replacing your kitchen floor. Sinks and faucets can be updated as well to give this high-traffic area a new look.  

Bathroom updates. Maybe you’ve wanted to install a touchless faucet or you have begun to realize your toilets wax seal is broken. No matter the task, a handyman can assist you and even give advice on other projects that may need to be tackled.

Furnace and water heater tune up. Changing furnace filters and tuning up the HVAC unit will improve the system’s efficiency. Make sure you clean or replace your furnace filter every month during the winter.

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