Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Installation Project Cost 



With today’s new lightweight, flat screen TV’s showing up in living rooms around the world, there are a wide range of reasons to mount your TV, rather than having it set up on a stand. Wall mounted televisions turn a functional entertainment device into an actual artistic statement, but if that isn’t enough to convince you, there are a number of other reasons to go with mounting your TV on the wall.

A professional will get the job done right the first time, saving you time and possibly money. But before you call, here’s what you need to know about what to get, and how much it may cost to have someone do this job for you.

Choosing Where to Mount Your Flat Screen TV

Take time to determine the ideal place for your flat screen TV before mounting it to your wall. As good as it may look mounting it over the fireplace, that location may not be the best.  Keep in mind that heat generated from fireplaces aren’t the best thing for electronics.  Also, make sure you consider possible glare from a nearby window.

Purchase a TV Wall Bracket

To wall mount a flat screen TV, you’ll need a specialized bracket to secure the TV. Also, consider investing in a product similar to a PowerBridge prior to installation, these can be purchased on Amazon, Home Depot or other retailers for that clean, modern look. Look for the following information before purchasing a bracket:

VESA Mount Compatibility

The backs of most TVs made in the last 10 years or so have mounting holes in a square or rectangular pattern. VESA Mount Compatibility numbers represent standardized vertical and horizontal patterns for those wall mount holes.

VESA numbers are metric and range from 50mm to 800mm. If you have your owner’s manual for a compliant TV, the VESA numbers should be listed. If the pattern is rectangular, the vertical measure is the smaller. A bracket’s VESA numbers should match or be larger than the TV’s VESA numbers.

If you’re putting up a TV you already own and don’t know its VESA numbers, note the screen’s diagonal measurement, the TV’s weight and the distance between the two vertical mounting holes and the two horizontal ones. You can measure in inches and pounds and then translate those measurements to metric.

Cost of TV wall mount brackets

According to Costhelper.com, brackets can range from $25 to $75 for a lightweight one and $80 to $300 or more for a more durable one that tilts, angles or has articulating arms that let you move the TV off the wall or swivel around corners. Commercial style mounts, such as those in a bar, can cost $300 to $1,200+.

Wall mount installation costs

A simple flat screen TV wall mount installation that does not require special wiring can run from $129 to $200 to install, while the more common wall mount installation can cost $200 to $500+.

Customers who had TV mounts installed reported paying an average of $336, with a range of $149 to $786. The cost was to put up one TV and does not reflect discounts that many service providers offer to members for multiple installations at one time.

Hire a TV wall mount professional

Doing it yourself may seem like a relatively simple task. But, how will you feel if you spend hours on the project only to find out the TV’s crooked or doesn’t work properly?

Although this is a pretty straightforward job, it’s important to mount the TV properly. Not doing so can lead to the TV sliding down or falling off the mount. Your TV should sit at a comfortable viewing height. If it doesn’t, you will likely need to pay for adjustments later.

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*Pricing is based on standard drywall installation including  articulating wall mount for 26-55″ TV’s, into standard interior wood/metal framed drywall with anchors included.

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