Home Improvement Efficiency Upgrade

Home renovations and doing home remodeling projects are the perfect time to also think about ways to save money with efficient home improvements. Many homeowners have taken inventory of their home and realized there are several ways to not only improve their homes, but to add efficiency to the list. Another added bonus other than saving on your energy bill is the fact that these are terrific investment projects for your home if you are thinking of selling in the future.

Energy-Efficiency Ideas and Tips

Let’s start with basic energy-efficient projects that can not only save money, but also add value to your home. Most of these ideas are affordable, easy, and common.

  • Our first and one of the easiest energy efficiency improvements is going to be switching to compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED light bulbs. These light bulbs last considerably longer than standard incandescent bulbs.
  • Ceiling fans are trendy and can really update a home, but they are also another great way to add efficiency to your home. Expect to see a $15 decrease in your energy bill per year from a ceiling fan.
  • Programmable thermostats are another excellent way to save money. These devices can save as much as $150 per year, plus a growing number of these thermostats are now instantly and remotely accessible through a smartphone app.  Which is a very handy when you’re away, the weather changes outside and you may be concerned about freezing pipes indoors.
  • Installing “low-flow” fixtures is another great energy efficient improvement. A new shower head for $20 can save up to $145 per year! Not only are you saving water, but many of these fixtures also have a new updated look. Any homeowners worried about the installation process can look to their local handyman for this easy-to-install fixture. This entire project should not take more than a few hours.
  • Fiberglass insulation is another excellent improvement for homeowners. Any climate or region is going to appreciate the benefits of fiberglass insulation This upgrade is great for keeping a home warm or cold during the different seasons throughout the year. Imagine saving 20% with a simple switch to fiberglass insulation. This is also a great project for newer homes that no longer come with insulation on the inside of exterior walls.
  • Invest in newer ENERGY STAR® rated appliances. Older dishwashers generally use around 10 gallons of water per cycle which is almost double what a newer model of dishwasher will use. By upgrading your washer, you could save around $8 per year or the other option is cleaning/repairing your older dishwasher.
  • Weather stripping is another great way to improve the efficiency in your home. Older homes are ideal candidates for new weather stripping. Air leaking in/out can lose up to 40% of heating and cooling. That is drastic, but it can be solved with the installation of new weather stripping found at local hardware stores for an average of $5.
  • Installing a tankless water heater is also a great energy-efficient installation. Not only are you able to decrease your water bill by 20%, but a tankless water heater will also last longer. There is never a shortage of hot water, plus homeowners will qualify for a federal tax rebate.
  • Windows play a huge part in efficiency. Homeowners are always seeking investments and improvements that will pay off. High performance windows are a smart move for many reasons, but these windows will also protect your furniture and other items that could be in the way of damaging UV rays.
  • A/C & furnace air filters are most efficient when they are replaced every 30 days. This is actually something that homeowners often forget to do. Homeowners should also pay attention to how their unit is performing, a high performing air conditioning unit will save you money in the long run.